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Ambrosia’s Creative Realm Blog

Chakra Jewelry Healing

Chakra Jewelry Ayurveda, a ‘whole body’ healing system based on using holistic beliefs to attain a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. It concentrates on promoting good health instead of disease. Yoga is a practice of meditation in one of 3 basic...

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Benefits of Wearing Copper

Benefits of Wearing Copper Copper – What is it? Why has it been used for thousands of years in medicine? What are new studies discovering about it? How could it possibly help with arthritis pain?… There are a lot of claims out there concerning Copper and it can...

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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life motif is one of my most popular designs. But what IS it – and what does it represent? Over the millennia there have been many representations, interpretations, and symbols regarding the Tree of Life. When doing an Internet search you are likely to...

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What Are Natal Stones And Why Should You Wear Them?

For as far back as history is written, stones of every kind have held special significance, and represented certain traits, influences and mystical qualities to people and cultures worldwide. Over the millennia, certain aspects, properties and energies have come to be...

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Welcome To Ambrosia’s Creative Realm!

I am so excited to begin the next phase of my passion and business with the launch of my new website! Since designing my first custom wire wrapped Natal Stone bracelet for a friend, I was hooked! It has become a passion of mine that, over time, evolved into Ambrosias...

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