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Chakra Jewelry

Ayurveda, a ‘whole body’ healing system based on using holistic beliefs to attain a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. It concentrates on promoting good health instead of disease.

Yoga is a practice of meditation in one of 3 basic disciplines: Vipassana, Chakra, and Yoga. Chakra Yoga is the meditation associated with Yoga practice concentrating on the Energy points of the body.

Both Ayurveda and Yoga are ancient methods of combining the physical, mental and spiritual self in order to promote overall health. Both use meditation concentrating on areas of the body and surroundings to bring them into balance with each other, attaining the optimum for a healthy person. These ‘areas’ are called Chakras.

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”, interpreted as ‘wheels of energy’ points in the ethereal body. These are the areas of the body where the electrical currents generated by the cells, tissues and organs of specific bio-magnetic fields form a vortex of energy. These vortexes influence the wellness of that particular field or area of the body.

There are 12 Chakras that influence our personal well-being, reaching from about 3 feet below our feet to many miles through the atmosphere into deep space. There are 7 Major Chakras associated with the body itself.

Most people concentrate on the 7 Major Chakras, using specific Crystal energies to assist in balancing the energies of each Chakra. Many have come to believe that combining these crystals with Copper – an extremely effective energy conductor – enhances their vibrations and powers.

Chakra Jewelry is designed with all these disciplines in mind. By combining Traditional Chakra Stones and Crystals in Copper Jewelry, the energies are combined to enhance whole body well-being when meditation is not possible.

Each Chakra Jewelry piece is designed individually with traditional stones and Crystals associated with the 7 Major Chakras, wrapped in Copper. Click here to see my available Chakra Jewelry designs.

1. Quartz Crystal – Associated with the Crown Chakra
2. Amethyst – Associated with the Third Eye Chakra
3. Lapis Lazuli – Associated with the Throat Chakra
4. Rose Quartz – Associated with the Heart Chakra
5. Citrine – Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra
6. Carnelian – Associated with the Sacral Chakra
7. Hematite – Associated with the Root Chakra
8. Copper – Considered the preferred Energy Conductor for enhancing esoteric energies.

Custom pieces can also be designed to incorporate the more esoteric Chakras above and below the 7 Major Chakras of the body itself.

For truly unique and individual Custom pieces, I combine Chakra and Natal Stone Jewelry. Using Natal Stones that influence the Chakras, the perfect balance for health and well-being can be achieved for each individual.

For more information about Chakra Jewelry or Natal Stone Jewelry, click on the Contact link above. I would be happy to work with you for the Optimum Balance combination for you!