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For as far back as history is written, stones of every kind have held special significance, and represented certain traits, influences and mystical qualities to people and cultures worldwide. Over the millennia, certain aspects, properties and energies have come to be associated with specific stones. Some may seem to be ‘just rocks’, but the vibrations, associated qualities and properties attributed to them are far more than their appearance might suggest.

As cultures developed and people looked to the stars, ideologies developed that incorporated the configurations, or constellations, formed by the stars into what is known today as Astrology.

As Astrology developed, the stones that had been revered, studied, and used came to be associated with specific signs of the Astrological Zodiac. As each of the planets of our Solar System were discovered, it was determined that they, too, held positions of influence in Astrology and were associated with certain stones that influenced them.

Today, it is not uncommon to tell someone that, “I am a Pisces”, or “I am a Sagittarius” as a means of introducing yourself and letting them know something about who you are. Though superficial, anyone who follows the daily horoscopes, will get a general idea of the person you are supposed to be just by knowing ‘your sign’.

When you tell someone what ‘sign’ you are, you are only giving them a small part of ‘who’ or ‘what’ you are according to Astrology because you are only naming your Sun Sign. The Astrological placement of the Moon (determined by where you were born), and the Time of Day you were born are also important parts of who you are. The placement of the planets in different Zodiac signs, at the time of your birth also have an influence on your overall personality, manner, and spirituality.

By determining all these factors using your Date, Time and Place of birth, a more complete picture of you emerges in the form of your Natal Chart. For example: If, at the time of your birth, the Sun is in Aries, the Moon is in Scorpio, and your Rising is in Libra, you may be very different from someone born on the same day in a different place at a different time because their Moon and Rising Signs are different. You will have the same Sun Sign, Aries, but the Moon and Rising signs affect the influences of the primary Sun Sign. The placement of the planets at your birth helps refine and transform you into a completely unique individual.

Just as your Date, Time and Place of birth determines your uniqueness, they also determine the stones most suited to influence your well-being. Every Zodiac Sign has certain stones that are associated with them, as does every planet. Using a Natal Chart determines the placement of the Sun, Moon, Rising and planetary influences in your life.

Once all the influences of the stars and planets is determined, specific stones associated with them can be said to be your Natal Stones. These are the stones that hold significance for your specific energies and will resonate with and for you uniquely. Many people can ‘feel’ these resonances in their day to day lives, especially spiritually.

My Natal Stone jewelry incorporates stones based on the Natal Chart of the specific recipient it is made for. No two are ever exactly alike because every person has their own unique cosmic signature. I include the Natal Chart and information on each stone used with every piece of Natal Stone jewelry I create.

In the future I will be posting more information on specific stones, their meanings, attributes and Natal affiliations. Stay tuned….